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Backbone.js - Backbone.Collection. Collections are ordered sets of models. You can bind "change" events to be notified when any model in the collection has been modified, listen for "add" and "remove" events, fetch the collection from the server, and use a full suite of Underscore.js methods.

backbone.js collection events - The change events from models bubble up to the collection. (Collection's _onModelEvent -function in the annotated source. The method just

Backbone.js cheatsheet - List of events. Collection: add (model, collection, options) remove (model, collection, options) Model: change (model, options) change:[attr] (model, value, options) Model and collection: request (model, xhr, options) sync (model, resp, options) Router: route:[name] (params) route (router, route, params)

BackboneJS - Events - BackboneJS - Events - Events are capable of binding objects and trigger custom events i.e. you can bind the It used when a model is added to the collection. 2.

Backbone.js documentation - Here's the complete list of built-in Backbone events, with arguments. You're also free to trigger your own events on Models, Collections and Views as you see fit.

Using events like a boss - If you're using Backbone, they're all a waste of time. The Backbone object itself works as an event hub that your components (views, models, collections, etc) can

Backbone.js Basics: Bringing an App to Life with Events - Nick Salloum continues his tour of Backbone, looking at events as a model instances into collections, and iterating over collections to create views. In Backbone.js, we're able to bind events to a view during its instantiation

Backbone Models Views Events - Model and collection events are events that are automatically emitted Backbone.js has a module called events that can be mixed into any model giving it the

Top 8 Most Common Mistakes That Backbone.js Developers Make - Models and collections in Backbone.js are simple, but they come with some to do with Backbone.js is to update a view in response to arbitrary DOM events:

Backbone.js collections can listen to their models' changes - I wanted to know if Backbone.js collections can listen to their models' events. It turns out they can. In your collection you just need to use the

backbone delegateevents

Backbone.js - Backbone.js gives structure to web applications by providing models with By default, delegateEvents is called within the View's constructor for you, so if you

delegateEvents in backbone.js - Backbone's View element still contains the .el , but upon re-inserting in delegateEvents() in every render - what you're currently doing now.

BackboneJS - View delegateEvents - BackboneJS - View delegateEvents - Binds elements to the specified DOM "" type

Backbone.js delegateEvents() - The Backbone.js delegateEvents method is used to bind the elements to the specified DOM with callback methods to handle events. This method can attach the

Backbone.js undelegateEvents() - Backbone.js delegateEvents(). The Backbone.js undeligateEvent method is used to remove delegated events of the view from the DOM. Syntax: delegateEvents

Backbone.js delegateEvents · GitHub - Backbone.js delegateEvents. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

Problem with delegateEvents() functionality and Subviews · Issue - That's because Backbone.View#delegateEvents() is only called on view construction. Since at construction time there's no container element in

Top 8 Most Common Mistakes That Backbone.js Developers Make - Backbone.js equips the developer with an array of tools that are minimal but all you have to do is call “delegateEvents()” on the view to bind all these events.

Backbone.js documentation - Backbone.js 1.4.0 API documentation with instant search, offline support, of DOM events that will be bound to methods on your View through delegateEvents.

A deep dive into Backbone.View events - Backbone Views have a handy declarative events API. Looking at the source for Backbone's View class we see a call to delegateEvents

backbone ajax

How to get Backbone.ajax to return data on success - Noooo! Your connection's existence should almost never be contingent on any " ajax" invocation! You need to move the collection's definition

Backbone.js - Backbone.js gives structure to web applications by providing models with jQuery.ajax options can also be passed directly as fetch options, so to fetch a

Introduction to Backbone.js Part 5: AJAX – Video Tutorial - Check out this video showing you how to use Backbone.js AJAX to synchronize your models and collections with a Database on your web

BackboneJS - Step by Logical Step - Backbone is a the grand-daddy of all the JavaScript MVC frameworks. It's the

Backbone.js documentation - Backbone.js 1.4.0 API documentation with instant search, offline support, a " request" event as the Ajax request begins to go to the server, and a "sync" event

Backbone Without AJAX - Part 1 - Backbone is the Model-View-Controller JS framework we have used the most in which you can exchange data with your server by default using

Adapting Backbone.ajax in a Crossrider Browser Extension - Adapting Backbone.ajax in a Crossrider Browser Extension. We're working on a browser extension that needs to be deployed across Chrome,

Chain multiple Ajax requests with Backbone.js - For a Backbone.js project that I'm working on, I needed to implement a model where save requests to the backend are called sequentially, i.e.

Using Backbone with the WordPress AJAX API - You need to override the Backbone.sync function to change the URL used for the AJAX call. You can learn from the plugin wp-backbone does this and more.

akre54/Backbone.NativeAjax: A Backbone.Ajax function - A Backbone.Ajax function powered by native XHR methods - akre54/Backbone. NativeAjax.

backbone collection filter

Filter backbone collection by attribute value - I like returning a new instance of the collection. This makes these filtering methods chainable ( boxes.byColor("red").bySize("L") , for example).

Backbone.js - The Collection and Model components together form a direct mapping of filter attributes directly from params, or you can override toJSON in Backbone to

Return a Backbone collection when filtering a Collection (Example) - In order to filter a Backbone.Collection , you are maybe doing this: Collection.filter (/* your filter condition */). The problem is that the result you

Filtering Backbone Collections (Example) - Backbone Collections include a bunch of methods for operating on their models, without imposing a particular design pattern on how they are

Filtering models in a collection - Filtering models in a collection Backbone provides a simple filtering mechanism out of the box, which we can use. How to do it To filter models in a collection,

Filtering a collection in backbone.js - Filtering a collection can seem a daunting task the first time, but this is in fact, really easy. There is more than one way to filter collections, here I wanted to

Filter a Backbone Collection Using the Decorator Pattern - There are often times when I want to filter Backbone collections and prevent some of the collection items from being displayed in my view.

Filtering a Backbone collection with multiple parameters - var Tweets = Backbone.Collection.extend({ initialize : function(options) { if ( options && options.location) { this.location = options.location; } }, model : Tweet, parse

Backbone Collection multiple attribute filter · GitHub - Backbone Collection multiple attribute filter. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

jmorrell/backbone-filtered-collection: Create a filtered - Create a filtered version of a backbone collection that stays in sync. 17 && model.get('age') < 70; }); // Remove a filter and the filtered collection will update