rewriterule .* - [f]

RewriteRule Flags - The following rule will forbid .exe files from being downloaded from your server. RewriteRule "\.exe" "-" [F]. This example uses the "-" syntax for the rewrite target,

What does RewriteRule .* - [F,L] do? - I'd like to use this to block spambots. Which method works better? The one using RewriteRule .* - [F,L] or the following SetEnvIfNoCase

Htaccess Rewrites - Rewrite Tricks and Tips - Htaccess Rewrites are enabled by using the Apache module mod_rewrite, which is one of the most powerful Apache modules and features

mod_rewrite cheat sheet - mod_rewrite cheat sheet. A mod_rewrite guide to make your work a lot easier. Loading fast, no ads. mod_rewrite is a Apache webserver module for flexible url

htaccess - rewrite rule [f,l] not working? - Here is my htaaccess: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L] RewriteCond

Eight Ways to Blacklist with Apache\'s mod_rewrite - Presenting eight of the most commonly employed blacklisting and rewriting methods achieved with Apache\'s incredible rewrite module, mod_rewrite..

How To Set Up Mod_Rewrite (page 2) - RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} ^(12\.34\.56\.789)$ RewriteRule (.*) - [F,L]. Now for an explanation: %{REMOTE_ADDR}: This stands for the

.htaccess - What does the - mean on this RewriteRule? - RewriteRule ^(dir1|file1) - [L] If this rule IS THE CASE then other rewrite rules should NOT apply. Since we are on a .htaccess context, having

How To Block Google Analytics Spam - This blog post is a master guide to block Google Analytics referrer spam. I've added various methods to block the referral spam and I'll update the content

Rewrite Guide - URL Rewriting Guide. This document supplements the mod_rewrite reference documentation. It describes how one can use Apache's mod_rewrite to solve

htaccess redirect 301 without query string

htaccess 301 redirect - Remove query string (QSA) - You can use this rule: RewriteRule ^menu\.php$ /new-page-name? [L,R=301]. Take note of trailing ? in the end which is used for stripping off

301 Redirects Appends ?p=original/url/path - This seems to work fine in my test and prevents the query string from being appended to the URL when using Redirect 301 in htaccess.

Removing the Query String from a .htaccess Redirect - September 17th, 2010 - Posted by Steve Marks to PHP, Web Development. Are you doing a URL rewrite using a .htaccess file but the query string is being carried through also to the new URL, even though you haven’t specified it using QSA (Query String Append)? Voila, no more query

RewriteRule redirect without the query string - If they have query strings at the end of the URL then Apache's RedirectMatch and RewriteRule with automatically include the RewriteRule redirect without the query string [R=301] </virtualhost>.

.htaccess 301 redirect for URL ignoring its parameters - The above Redirect would 301-redirect all the URLs in the question (ie. all If this is undesirable, and you wish to remove the query string

Learn about .htaccess 301 Redirect for URLs with a query string - Learn how to write a basic 301 redirect for a URL with a query string.

Redirect Query String via .htaccess - In general, redirecting URLs is a piece of cake with Apache's .htaccess. The only trick is redirecting based on the URL's query-string value. Note also that here we change the status code for the redirect from 302 to 301 . To remove the query string from the rewrite URL for Apache 2.2, use the question-mark technique

Redirect index.php without parameters - Server Config - should redirect (301) to http://www. Yes, I know that it will remove a query string but you've already tested that a query string doesn't exist! Right now, I have this full code in . htaccess.

How to 301 redirect old urls with query strings to new EE urls - I'd normally do a simple 301 redirect in the .htaccess file, but the may help - http ://

.htaccess redirect without query string - Redirecting without query string using htaccess .htaccess redirect RewriteRule blahblah [R=301,L] (mod_rewrite in htaccess or config file)

rewriterule syntax

Apache mod_rewrite Introduction - The Apache module mod_rewrite is a very powerful and sophisticated module which provides a way to do URL . Figure 2: Syntax of the RewriteRule directive.

RewriteRule Flags - This document discusses the flags which are available to the RewriteRule directive, providing The full syntax for the flag, including all attributes, is as follows:.

mod_rewrite - A rewrite rule can be invoked in httpd.conf or in .htaccess . The path Syntax: RewriteBase URL-path Syntax: RewriteCond TestString CondPattern [flags].

mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet by DaveChild - A mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet - a quick reference guide for mod_rewrite, with rewrite flags, regular expression syntax and sample rules.

Using .htaccess rewrite rules - The Apache module mod_rewrite allows you to rewrite URL requests that come into your server .. (mt) Media Temple does not support syntax troubleshooting.

Introduction to .htaccess rewrite rules – Acquia Support Knowledge - The basic formulation of any .htaccess rewrite rule includes setting a Syntax. RewriteRule. RewriteRule Pattern Substitution [flags].

.htaccess rewriterule syntax - Enable mod_rewrite and .htaccess through httpd.conf and then put this code in your .htaccess under DOCUMENT_ROOT directory: Options +FollowSymLinks

Dave's Mess > Articles > Apache regular expression guide - This guide explains exactly what's going on inside mod_rewrite and how you can start using it's full capabilities. A regular expression (known as a regex)

mod_rewrite - Allscripts lab results · Validate an ip address · RegEx Allowing Number Only · key operator sepration · VersionRange · get theme details · Part in Movie Titles

mod_rewrite cheat sheet - mod_rewrite is a Apache webserver module for flexible url rewriting. It is part of the standard Apache installation on all platforms. The mod_rewrite cheat sheet

htaccess redirect url with parameters

Common .htaccess Redirects · GitHub - .htaccess syntax: RewriteEngine On. RewriteRule ^old-page/?$ $1/new-page$2 [ R=301,L]. Rewrite and redirect URLs with query parameter to directory based

.htaccess redirect, from old dirty URL to a clean new URL with - To learn to set up .htaccess rules you at least need some little regexp skills and be confident to use mod_rewrite Apache module, since it

Redirect Query String via .htaccess - The only trick is redirecting based on the URL’s query-string value. This quick tutorial aims to clear up any confusion and explains how to redirect any URL based on its query string. To redirect based on the URL’s query string, we must use Apache’s mod_rewrite.

htaccess redirect url with parameters - Besides redirecting the request, you probably want to make sure the new url actually works too. You'll need both an external redirect and an

Ultimate .htaccess rewrite tutorial with 301 redirects - Ultimate .htaccess rewrite tutorial with 301 redirects. So, over Rewrite and redirect URLs with query parameters (files placed in root directory).

How to match only part of URL and redirect URL with parameters in - Try the following in your root .htaccess file to redirect the request: In per- directory .htaccess files, the URL-path matched by the RewriteRule

Common Htaccess 301 Redirect Rules - Common Htaccess 301 Redirect Rules - from the Linchpin SEO team, a digital How do you rewrite and redirect URLs with query parameters with files placed

Rewrite Query String to Path with htaccess – Tania Rascia - Let's say I have this URL: And I want this URL: I can do so with the following : I can even still GET the URL query. Alternatively, you…

Apache .htaccess query string redirects - How to configure a query string-based redirect for a specific page using Apache and .htaccess. Apache .htaccess query string redirects some unexpected behavior if other pages in my website are using the id parameter.

Learn about .htaccess 301 Redirect for URLs with a query string - Occasionally, you may need to redirect a URL that includes a query string. This will require that you use the RewriteEngine in order to have the