Is there a way to *prevent* ReSharper from running an assembly's unit tests in parallel?

I see an option in the Unit Testing settings to "Run up to 1|2" assemblies in parallel", but setting this to "1" still seems to execute a single assembly's tests in parallel. Is there a way to disable parallel execution altogether?

This is ReSharper 6.1.


You can try looking at the stack overflow answer here How to run NUnit test fixtures serially?

However, it would seem that your need to do this might be fuelled by test dependencies. Either the need to access common resources or the output of one test needing to be the input of another. If this is the case, please consider refactoring your test/code in order to remove the dependency. Commonly this can be done by using a mocking framework (Moq, RhinoMocks, etc).

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