How to disable scrolling in smartphone and tablet browsers?

I use the following code to disable scrolling in desktop browsers but it doesn't work for iPhone screen resolution.

$("html").css("overflow", "hidden");

What else do I need to add?


//target the entire page, and listen for touch events
$('html, body').on('touchstart touchmove', function(e){ 
     //prevent native touch activity like scrolling

if having the touch event blocked doesn't work for you, you can always go like this:

html, body{

I'm gonna provide an a piece that doesn't utilize jQuery so the next "Javascripter" can just copy'n'paste:

var defaultPrevent=function(e){e.preventDefault();}
document.body.parentElement.addEventListener("touchstart", defaultPrevent);
document.body.parentElement.addEventListener("touchmove" , defaultPrevent);
document.body.addEventListener("touchstart", defaultPrevent);
document.body.addEventListener("touchmove" , defaultPrevent);

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