How to detect if string contains 1 uppercase letter in PHP

Couldn't find a function for this. I'm assuming I need to use regex?

I'm trying to do html redirects in php in cases where the url contains at least 1 upper case letter.

example: needs to be redirected to - only problem is I can't seem to find a script to detect if at least 1 capital letter exists.


Some regular expression should be able to the work, you can use preg_match and [A-Z]

if(preg_match('/[A-Z]/', $domain)){
 // There is one upper

if (strtolower($url) != $url){

You can also try this

if (!ctype_lower($string)) {
    // there is at least une uppercase character

not sure if this is more efficient than the other two methods proposed.

preg_match_all('%\p{Lu}%usD', 'aA,éÁ,eE,éÉ,iI,íÍ,oO,óÓ,öÖ,őŐ,uU,úÚ,üÜ,űŰ', $m);
echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';

Tested with hungarian utf-8 characters, [A-Z] is for latin1 only.

Here is a simpler eg:

$mydir = "C:\Users\John" ;

print preg_match('/^[A-Z]:\.*/', $mydir, $match )."\n" ;
print $match[0]. " preg match \n" ;


C: preg match

This suggests that the parens are not necessary --for one match, at least

Look at this to be more specific for your application: PHP to SEARCH the Upper+Lower Case mixed Words in the strings?

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