How can I maximize the editor pane?

In Eclipse, I can type Ctrl+M or click the maximize icon in the editor pane to make the editor pane take up the entire Eclipse window, and then again to restore the pane back to its previous size exposing the other panes.

Is it possible to perform the equivalent in IntelliJ IDEA?

To clarify, I'm asking about hiding all other tool panes to show only the editor pane. I'm not asking how to go to distraction-free mode, because this is mode is completely "full screen," hiding all toolbars, window decorations, etc.


The closest thing would be to hide all tool windows by invoking the Hide All Tool Windows action. The shortcut for that is Ctrl + Shift + F12 (Default keymap).

This will hide all tool windows, effectively maximizing the editor window (though not full screen). The IntelliJ menu bar, toolbar, breadcrumb and tab bar will still be visible.

I'm using IntelliJ 11.1.2 on Kubuntu 12.04 LTS with the Default keymap.

14.0.3 on MacOS X

It's Cmd + Shift + F12 in IntelliJ IDEA 14.0.3 on MacOS X.

UPDATE on 2015-03-24: IntelliJ IDEA 14.1 now has support for Distraction Free Mode. You can invoke it by clicking View > Enter Distraction Free Mode. In this mode, IntelliJ hides everything but the menu. For more details, follow their video detailing the new feature:

If you want to maximize a pane , select that pane (by clicking inside or on its title bar) and then use the shortcut "Ctrl+Shift+Quotes"

You can double click anywhere on the tab title bar of the editor pane.

Using IntelliJ 14.1.5

If you want to maximize the editor window AND full-screen the app, you can create a macro with the following two commands:

Toggle Full Screen Mode
Hide All Tool Windows

And then assign a hotkey to the macro. Here's how I did this:

  • File > Settings > Keymap
  • Use the search bar to search for the two commands above. Assign obscure hotkeys to those.
  • Edit > Macros > Start macro recording
  • Hit the two obscure hotkeys you just assigned: this should max the editor and full-screen the app
  • Stop recording. Name the macro
  • Open File > Settings > Keymap again. Find the Macros section, find your macro, assign a nice hotkey to it.

I just assigned ^M(ctrl+M) to Main menu | Window | Active Tool Window | Hide All Tool Windows under preferences(by clicking cmd,). This worked for me exactly like eclipse.

full screen plugin is availble for IntelliJ Idea...

This has already been answered, but since when I google "android studio maximize tab" this is the first answer I see, I'm going to add my two cents.

I hate the keyboard shortcuts since, at any given time, I have 1 hand on my keyboard and 1 hand on my mouse. Having to let go of my mouse to hit a 3-key combination to maximize the current tab is not a shortcut. What I was looking for was an Eclipse-style behavior: double-click the tab to maximize. Here's how to do that:

In Android Studio, under Preferences, go to Keymap->Main Menu->Window->Active Tool Window. Right-click the "Maximize tool window" mapping and select "Add mouse shortcut."

For "Click Count" pick "Double Click" and then double-click on the "Click Pad" mouse icon.

Click OK out of the menus and you should now be able to double-click on any tab and it will be maximized. Double-clicking again will minimize it.

Coming from Eclipse to IntelliJ, this was one of the most frustrating aspects I've had to deal with.

I use Ctrl-Shift-F12("Hide All Windows") toggle between maximum and normal modes of the editor.

All answers work for only hiding other tools. If you have more than one editor pane and you want to maximize only one editor pane (hide all tolls and hide all other editor panes), it is not possible right now.

PyCharm version: 2018.2.7

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