How do I use IntelliJ to auto-complete method parameters?

A feature in Eclipse that I really miss is how you can auto-complete method parameters with currently in-scope variables. This feature will, with a single key combo (ctrl+space) fill in all method parameters. As long as my variables were named similarly to the method parameters, I never had a problem with this auto-complete. Is there a plugin or a native way to accomplish this in Intellij?


IntelliJ IDEA 9 now supports what they call "super completion" which matches the behavior you are looking for and is available through their early access program.


IntelliJ IDEA 8 does not allow you to autocomplete more than one parameter at a time. You are forced to use Control-Shift-Space once for each parameter.

You might already know that IntelliJ IDEA has the CTRL+P shortcut (Windows) and CMD+P (OX X) that brings up a brief description of which parameters are passed to the method. It's very handy and saves a lot of time that otherwise would have been spent looking up the method declaration.

Control-Shift-Space (and the completion is based on type, not name)

For more goodness: Help -> Default Keymap Reference

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