Windows 8 - Fancy Progress Bars API?

Does anyone know if the new 'fancy' file transfer progress bar that Windows 8 uses for its file transfer progress is available via some API (preferably C#)? I could think of some useful places for it in our application but can't seem to find out if it's consumable or internally available only to Windows.


My answer below now includes a WPF implementation that I wrote that you may use in your own projects :)


For all those interested, I have implemented a WPF version of this progress bar avaliable from my blog here (linking so I've only 1 place to keep a valid active link). I decided it was better than waiting for something available only on Windows 8 or not available at all. I hope you find it useful.

Unfortunatley I wouldn't expect any Windows 8 related API support until the release or a few weeks before Windows 8 is rolled out. It might even be included within a new Visual Studio service pack some time in the near future.

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