How to properly integrate HTML5 Boilerplate with Twitter Bootstrap?

In my Play 2.0 project I already have Bootstrap integrated (as the less files, Play can compile them in the fly) but now I found Boilerplate and I think it would be a nice idea to make use of it also.

After a bit of googling I found this:

So, looks like integration should be possible, and there are even 2 projects which try to do that. The only problem is that they do completely different things and I'm not sure which one is correct. in its current state seems to just ignore styles.css file coming from Boilerplate. It's renamed to h5bp.css, but I don't see h5bp.css included anywhere. on the other hand uses both of them, just splitting styles.css file into two parts (h5bp_normalize.css and styles.css, bootstrap.css is included between them). But aren't there any conflicts between Boilerplate and Bootstrap this way?

So I'm a bit lost. What is the proper way of doing things in this case?


Just use Initializr, it's the semi-official solution and it has a huge set of options too. Bootstrap + H5BP is supported out of box!

I've removed reset styles from twitter bootstrap(by removing less @import statement) and pasted it into html5-boilerplate(in user styles section). Worked fine.

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