What is the best way to run JavaScript in Java?

I looking for the best way to obtain JSON data, that polling from server to JS (generated by DWR) in the client-side. So I going to make Java-client for it. Any ideas and advices about it are greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Primary goal - to understand how I can intercept JSON data transmitted from server (like in the Firebug). On the server-side - DWR (JSP pages), on the client-side - JS that generated by server. This scheme works with long-polling.


There is a JavaScript implementation for Java called Rhino (from Mozilla). I think it's in the JDK since version 1.6. You can run JavaScript with it in your Java program (here is a small tutorial for it, you will find more on google).

Why not use a JSON parsing library for Java like Jackson ?

Or you could make a webclient since this is obviously the purpose of the generated JS.

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