CMAKE - How to properly copy static library's header file into /usr/include?

I'm getting into CMAKE usage with C and actually I'm creating two very small static libraries.

My goal is:

  1. The libraries are compiled and linked into *.a files. [THIS WORKS]
  2. Then I wish to copy that *.a files into /usr/local/lib [THIS ALSO WORKS]
  3. As far as I know about libraries (very little), they are linked using -lnameoflib, which is a compiler flag. OK. I have prepared my CMakeLists.txt and it actually copies *.a files into /usr/local/lib. However, to be able to use them in a program, I also need to copy their header files into /usr/include, then I can include them the easy way #include <mylibheader.h>. That's how I understand it now.

And my question is - how is the proper way of copying header files into /usr/include folder with CMAKE? I would like it to copy them automatically when make install is executed, like *.a files are.

For both of the libraries I have a smiliar CMakeLists.txt:


add_library(programming-network STATIC

INSTALL(TARGETS programming-network
        DESTINATION "lib"


A better way for newest cmake version is to use target's PUBLIC_HEADER properties.


add_library(mylib some.c another.c)
set_target_properties(mylib PROPERTIES PUBLIC_HEADER "some.h;another.h")
        LIBRARY DESTINATION some/libpath
        PUBLIC_HEADER DESTINATION some/includepath

Some ref:


CMake install command

In a much better way, will copy all files that match the pattern and will preserve the directory structure.

    DESTINATION include

I don't think your solution is the correct one. /usr/include should be reserved for your vendor to put files in.

The proper thing to do IMO is to install the header in /usr/local/include and then instruct the user to export CPATH="/usr/local/include:${CPATH}".

It seems /usr/local/lib was search automatically but if you wish to use another dir export LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/local/lib:${LIBRARY_PATH}" works similar for the .a binary (but may or may not work good for shared libraries depending on your os).

Optionally, but more cumbersome is to add -I /usr/local/include and -L /usr/local/lib while compiling.

This is a somewhat subjective answer, but it's been working well for me.

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