Git and ssh authorizating

I can't login to github with generated ssh-keys. I've followed this manual: but at step:


I get:

Agent admitted failure to sign using the key. Permission denied (publickey).

What's wroing? And, of course, I'm adding my own user email.

Tried dsa-key, the same thing.


From the troubleshooting guide:

Permission denied (publickey)

This is usually caused when ssh cannot find your keys. Make sure your key is in the default location, ~/.ssh. If you run ssh-keygen again and just press enter at all 3 prompts it will be placed here automatically. Then you can add the contents of to my github keys. If doesn’t work try You might need to generate a new dsa key with ssh-keygen -t dsa if you just have an rsa key.

If you are still having problems and none of the above worked, you may have a blacklisted key from a debian open-ssh bug. you should update open-ssh and re-generate your keys.

So, just to check - are your keys available under ~/.ssh/ as id_rsa and or otherwise, are you specifying their use?

I found this which helped me greatly

ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa solved my problem after generating the relevant keys

After generating the ssh keys I executed the command listed below as suggested by jamesw.

$ ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa

I entered my password. Then retried to clone the heroku repository. This time it worked fine.

This is a ubuntu problem. Exporting "SSH_AUTH_SOCK=0" solved the problem for me. More details can be found at -

I was able to get gitlab working thanks to this thread (I know that's not github).

I too found the answer by @jamesw to be correct.

I ended up having to delete my known_hosts file and recreate my ssh key with the same password as my gitlab account.

Then I did the ssh-add and did a git push -u origin master. Success!

Thanks for the help everyone.

UPDATE: I decided to remake my ssh key without a password and ran into this error again.

This time, I was able to copy my old known_hosts to the new .ssh/ and simply run the ssh-add.

Above Accepted solution did not work for me, but this worked

This issue occurs mainly due to the following reasons :

  • The public and private key pair is wrong. You have to verify the key public key on the server/ your git account where you have placed the public key. Even a small space or tab will result in the error.
  • If you are sure your public key is correct, then check the format of public key in your ~/.ssh folder in your machine. For openssh you cannot use a public key in puttygen format and visa-versa. To change the format you can use the following command using your private key

    $ ssh-keygen -e -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa > ~/.ssh/ $ ssh-keygen -i -f ~/.ssh/ > ~/.ssh/

  • Finally check if you have added your keys to the ssh client in your system. You can do so by using the following commands

    $ eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"

    $ ssh-add

Note that ssh-agent is per session (per terminal). Use ssh agent manager like keychain (see its documentation on how to set it up) to have access via any session (from any term).

I encounterded same error when I copied id_rsa and from another os. These files were 644 permission. So I changed it to 600. the error was fixed.

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