Parsing Json string Help required

"subject":"Patras Bukhari",]}}

Blockquote i have this json in a sting and i want to fetch data from the arrayy user_product i have tried alot but unable to do that . And my project is on Android. help is appreciated in advance thanks


check following code

 String a = {"sessid":"Vn1qRrhZWUQxaF4Vq3AS-TSaCHnDwgJa8dYtI7ER_Xs",
 "subject":"Patras Bukhari",]}}

 JSONObject json1 = new JSONObject(a);
 JSONArray userProduct = json1.getJSONArray("user_product");
 for(int i = 0; i < userProduct.length();i++){
   JSONObject tempJSON = userProduct..getJSONObject(i);
   String id = tempJSON.getString("id");
   String uid = tempJSON.getString("uid");
   String created = tempJSON.getString("created");
   String modified = tempJSON.getString("modified");
   String subject = tempJSON.getString("subject");

Hope this will solve your problem

Is the above JSON the real one you are using? If it was, the format is not valid. I guess you might encounter some exceptions working with it. Regardless to the validity, you can get user_product array by

JSONObject source = new JSONObject(your_source);
JSONArray userProducts = source.getJSONArray("user_product");
for(int i = 0; i < userProducts.length(); i++){
  JSONObject product = userProducts.getJSONObject(i);
  int uid = product.getInt("uid"); //get the uid as integer

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