How do I change the default location for Git Bash on Windows?

I am using Git on Windows 7 and access my repositories through Git Bash. How can I change the default location that Git Bash opens in a convenient folder when I start it?

It's somewhat time consuming to navigate to htdocs, and then a specific folder. Is there a way to change the configuration file to have it open elsewhere? Or would it be possible to write a .sh file to do this?

Unfortunately Git Bash won't open my htdocs folder shortcut on my desktop, and it takes using cd 5 times to get to my desired directory.


After installing msysgit I have the Git Bash here option in the context menu in Windows Explorer. So I just simply navigate to the directory and then open Bash right there.

I also copied the default Git Bash shortcut to the desktop and edited its Start in property to point to my project directory. It works flawlessly.

Windows 7x64, msysgit.

The easiest way without installing msysgit is right click on the Git Bash shortcut icon → Start in: → "C:\Program Files (x86)".

Change the Start in entry and point out the Git Bash starting position. If you don't remove the --cd-to-home part from the Target box, the Start in change gets overridden.

Add this line to your .bashrc file:

cd C:/xampp/htdocs/<name of your project>;

If the .bashrc file doesn't exist, create one in your root folder. For me it is: C:\Users\tapas\

Save .bashrc and open Git Bash. That's it!

Open the properties of the bash and change to "Start in" to where you want to start in. After this, (I had this problem and I solved it by doing this) go to target and delete the --cd-to-home parameter part after "C:\Program Files\Git\git-bash.exe" . Only THEN will you start in the "Start in" directory that you specified.

If you're like me, and the way you get to Git is windows key + G + I + Enter, then you can simply hit the windows key, search for Git, right click on the resulting Git Bash icon, select properties, and change the Start in: field.

I'm not exactly sure what this does, because I'm not exactly sure what Git on Windows is (a facade on top of sh which itself is a facade on cmd?), but in any case, you can now pin the shortcut that Windows pulls up on a search for "Git" to your taskbar, or to your desktop, and it will still start in whatever directory you set it to.

I read it somewhere and it worked for me.

First check in git bash what is the HOME location. Open git bash and run

echo $HOME

Now change the HOME path by opening cmd and run

setx HOME "path/to/.ssh/loc" (I gave C:\Users\aXXXX)

Now cross check by running the echo command in git bash.

Once you have updated the Start in: field make sure to remove the --cd-to-home at the end of the Target: field

Right click on Git Bash shortcutand then go to properties. In properties inside start in option add the location of the directory you want to start Git Bash in and apply the changes.

Make a Git Bash shortcut to Desktop for convenience then right click on the icon goto properties. Here you will find the Start in: section with a text box. Replace the path you want, for example like:


Then open it directly by clicking on the icon. You will get the default Desktop path in Git Bash.

I am using Git bash on Windows 10, here is my solution:

  1. Close all git bash sessions
  2. Hit windows key and type: env; then click Edit environment variables for your account (control panel)
  3. Under "User variables for ...."; hit New button
  4. Variable Name: HOME
  5. Variable value: path where you would like ~/ to be in git bash

Open a git bash session and test it by typing: pwd and double check by doing cd ~/ && pwd

Just type the path of your local directory (Git project home directory) in the properties of Git Bash. I.e. set path C:\yourprojsctdirectory to Git Bash's properties field "Execute In" or (Ausführen in). That's it!

Now double click Git Bash. The Git header will be on your "yourprojsctdirectory".

Add "cd your_repos_path" to your Git profile, which is under the %.

I tried the following; it helped me. I hope it help you also.

cd /c/xampp/your-project

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