jQuery-UI's autocomplete not display well, z-index issue

I'm currently implementing jQuery UI's autocomplete in my clients webshop. The problem is: the element the autocomplete resides in, has a higher z-index then the z-index of the autocomplete. I tried setting the autocomplete z-index manually, but I've got the feeling that jQuery UI is overwriting this.

In fact my question is a duplicate of autocomplete suggestion list wrong z-index, how can i change?, but since there was no answer I thought about giving it another try.

Any help is welcome!



Use z-index and !important

.ui-autocomplete { position: absolute; cursor: default;z-index:30 !important;}  

While searching I found this topic (http://forum.jquery.com/topic/alternating-style-on-autocomplete). Apparently the only way to change the style of the autocomplete box is by doing it through javascript:

    open: function(){
        $(this).autocomplete('widget').css('z-index', 100);
        return false;

Change the z-index of the parent Div, the autocomplete menu will have the div's z-index+1

In the CSS of jQuery UI:

.ui-front { z-index: 9999; }

Try this, you can manipulate the z-index on runtime or initializing

    open: function(){
        setTimeout(function () {
            $('.ui-autocomplete').css('z-index', 99999999999999);
        }, 0);

If you are able to enforce a higher z-index upon the autocomplete text input then this is the solution to your problem.

jQuery UI Autocomplete options list calculates its z-index value by taking the z-index of the text input it's being attached to and adds 1 to that value.

So you can give a z-index of 999 to the text input the autocomplete will have a z-index value of 1000

Taken from http://bugs.jqueryui.com/ticket/5489

<input type="text" class="autocomplete" style="z-index:999;" name="foo">

open: function () {

also have a look at where you are appending the item to. i came across this problem when i appended the autocomplete to an inner div, but when i appended the autocomplete to the body tag, the problem went away.

Give it a try anyway in your css (before script loading), not in firebug:

.ui-selectmenu-menu {

In my case this works and creates z-indexes like : 100x (for example 1002)

add the following

    z-index:100 !important;

in jquery-custom-ui.css file (or the minified one if you are using it).

For those developers that still use this plugin. Try this:


For me was enough with z-index:1, set the value you need in your case.

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