What are the RGB values of the default accent colors in Windows Phone 7?

I am making icons for some Win Phone 7 apps and want to use some solid colors the way all the other apps do.

Where can I find a reference for these colors?


Magenta - #FF0097 | 255,0,151 Purple - #A200FF | 162,0,255 Teal - #00ABA9 | 0,171,169 Lime - #8CBF26 | 140,191,38 Brown - #A05000 | 160,80,0 Pink - #E671B8 | 230,113,184 Orange - #F09609 | 240,150,9 Blue - #1BA1E2 | 27,161,226 Red - #E51400 | 229,20,0 Green - #339933 | 51,153,51

Not sure if there's an official reference for these colors, but this article certainly suffices now...

The official colors were not available at the time of the OP's question and accepted answer; here's the updated and official Theme Overview for Windows Phone:

Accent Color     RGB          Hex
blue             27,161,226   #FF1BA1E2
brown            160,80,0     #FFA05000
green            51,153,51    #FF339933
lime             162,193,57   #FFA2C139
magenta          216,0,115    #FFD80073
mango (orange)   240,150,9    #FFF09609
pink             230,113,184  #FFE671B8
purple           162,0,255    #FFA200FF
red              229,20,0     #FFE51400
teal (viridian)  0,171,169    #FF00ABA9

And a sample image for good measure (taken from the theme overview on MSDN):

For the general case,

SolidColorBrush b = (SolidColorBrush)Application.Current.Resources["PhoneAccentBrush"];
System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine( "R: " + b.Color.R + 
                                   " G: " + b.Color.G + 
                                   " B: " + b.Color.B );

Noting that OEMs/Carriers (and devs up for a bit of hacking) are free to add custom colours.

With output as follows for the default Blue.

R: 27 G: 161 B: 226

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