How to get the file size and delete file in Lua?

I have problem in getting the size of the file using Lua. I am creating a function method that if the file size of the file is 743 bytes, then the file will be deleted.

Here is my code :

local getDLFile = function(fileToDL)
            local path = system.pathForFile(fileToDL, system.DocumentsDirectory )
            local myFile = path, "w+b" ) 
                url = ""..fileToDL, 
                sink = ltn12.sink.file(myFile),

            -- i don't know what is the syntax
            if myFile.size == 743 bytes then


Can anyone can help me about my case?


The size is given by myFile:seek("end").

To delete the file, use os.remove(path). But close the file first.

Recently Lua File System support was added to Corona! You can get file size using

local lfs = require "lfs"
local size = lfs.attributes (path, "size")

You can have a read here

To delete the file use


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