remove object at NSMutableArray in range

I am trying to remove objects at array starting at index 5 to the end of the list. I have a for loop to do this, however now I discovered

 - (void)removeObject:(id)anObject inRange:(NSRange)aRange

The question is what is the anObject here? I only need range as far as I know


removeObject:inRange: deletes an object within a certain range. This method would be useful if you wanted delete the string @"Hello World" only if it is one of the first 5 elements.

It sounds like what you are trying to do is delete all objects after the 5th element. If that is what you are trying to do, you should use the removeObjectsInRange: method. For example:

 NSRange r;
 r.location = 5;
 r.length = [someArray count]-5;

 [someArray removeObjectsInRange:r];

You want

- (void)removeObjectsInRange:(NSRange)aRange

Removes from the array each of the objects within a given range.

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