How to convert <node/> to <node></node> with libxml (converting empty elements to start-end tag pairs)

While generating an XML content, I get an empty node <node/>, and I want it to be <node></node>. (Since <node></node> is the correct form of c14n, the progress called "converting empty elements to start-end tag pairs")

How should I convert it?

There's a way hinted by Jim Garrison(Thank you) to do this, by using xmlBufferCreate, xmlSaveToBuffer, xmlSaveDoc, xmlSaveClose with xmlSaveOption: XML_SAVE_NO_EMPTY


Take a look at the libxml2 documentation, specifically xmlSaveOption value XML_SAVE_NO_EMPTY

I found another way which is easier when the nodes are generated under control, by simply giving value "" to the node.

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