Maven-Plugin for checking API-Compliance with Android

I'm looking for a Maven-Plugin that can check Jar/Class-Files for compliance with a specified API Level of Android. E.g. can all Classes and Methods be resolved in the Android API.. Does someone know about such a plugin? The DX tool doesn't seem to provide such functionality or am I missing something?

Use case: I wrote some Jar-Files which should be used in Desktop-Java-Applications as well in Android-Apps. Now I want to make sure that these Jar-Files are compliant to the Android API of a certain level.

My current workaround would be to run my Unit-Tests in an Android-Emulator.


Since there was no such tool available I wrote it myself.

It's a plugin for the maven build system which supports validating Java SE 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 code against a certain android api level.

You can use animal-sniffer-maven-plugin with android-api-level signatures.

This will looks like :


See animal-sniffer-maven-plugin for more details.

More resources about android level API :

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