SONAR importing cobertura.ser coverage reports to sonar server using mvn sonar:sonar?

I have a cobertura.ser file, that got generated while integration-test and system test. Now I want to import my coverage this to sonar server.

How can I achieve this, so while executing mvn sonar:sonar the coverage should consider external coberture.ser file?

Can I do this using sonar, where i can see overall coverage obtain during all test run?


You need to set the following paramater to tell Sonar to use a pre-generated report:


Secondly Sonar doesn't read the "cobertura.ser" file. It can be configured as follows to read the generated XML report (See cobertura docs):


Finally, my reference for all this stuff comes from the from the Sonar wiki:

The Sonarsource tutorials are increasingly pushing JaCoCo. This appears to be an emerging standard (replacing the older defunct Emma project)

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