How to turn off brackets/quotes auto-completion in Visual Studio

As it states in the title: how to I turn off brackets/quotes/curly braces autocompletion in MSVS? I'm interested in C# and XAML mostly but other text editors would be nice too.

EDIT: Currently I'm using MSVS 11 with these extensions:

  • AnkhSVN
  • Concurrency Visualizer
  • PreEmptive Analytics Aggregator Visualizer
  • MSVS PerfWatson
  • VsGraphicsDebuggerPkg
  • Web Tooling Extensions

Most of them must have been pre-installed with msvs installation, since I cannot recall installing them by myself ;)

EDIT2: I'm using msvs in this version: Version 11.0.50323.1 QRELB

EDIT3: I found out the problem does not occur in currently available msvs11.


If anyone is having this issue with VS 2013, there is a setting for this now. I just reset my VS settings and it started to complete my braces again. For me, it wasn't productivity power tools. You can turn it on/off here:

If anyone is by chance using Resharper you may also want to adjust the settings in

(Resharper Menu, Options) - Environment -> Editor -> Editor Behavior 


(Resharper Menu, Options) - Environment -> Intellisense -> Completion Behavior

according to your personal preferences, in addition to the built-in Visual Studio settings mentioned by others.

For Visual Studio 2017:

C# only:

Tools > Options > Text Editor > C# > General > Automatic brace completion

All languages:

Tools > Options > Text Editor > All Languages > General > Automatic brace completion

I realize you did not mention the Productivity Power Tools, however it is very easy to turn off with this. This package can be downloaded via nuget I believe.

Once downloaded go to Tools - Options - Productivity Power Tools - then on the right you will see auto Brace Completion. Turn off!

To turn off the double-quote auto complete for XAML in Visual Studio 2015, it is:

Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> XAML -> Miscellaneous -> Attribute quotes

For those using the 2017 mac version of visual studio: Preferences > Text Editor > Behavior > Automatic Behaviors > "Insert matching brace"

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