How to read test logs

I have run a maven test now I have the logs for it but where exactly in that big log file can found what exactly the error its pointing out to. All I see when go down bottom its says faliure with exception message null and than functional clas test name and othe id names?


Tests that fail get logged in their respective test report files.

When there are errors mvn test will lead to this: (assuming typical surefire usage)

[ERROR] Please refer to .../project/target/surefire-reports for the individual test results.

If you look in that directory, you'll see something like this: (specific to your project)


(Depending on your configuration, you may have XML instead, or in addition, etc. The XML has significant other information as well, like classpath and property info--it can be very handy sometimes, although generally the stack trace is enough.)

Stack traces are in there.

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