jaxws-maven-plugin wsgen IllegalAnnotationExceptions

I'm using clientgen to generate client-side classes from third party WSDLs. Then I'm using wsgen to create my web service, bundling up my classes, as well as the generated ones.

The jaxws-maven-plugin wsgen throws JAXBContext IllegalAnnotationsException complaining that the generated classes do not have a no-arg default constructor.

One solution that I saw on this site was to wrap the classes in XMLWrappers. Problem is the third-party classes are used in the third-party methods that I don't have control over.

Is there a solution or workaround for this?


A possible workaround is to use the axis2 maven wsdl2code generators.

This will however generate a totally different client(still easy to use though).

The doc tells to add the following dependency as well:


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