How can I use SuperDevMode with Maven

after reading a lot about SuperDevMode of gwt 2.5 I wanted to try it myself. I read and some other articles. As I understand I have to run the codeserver class. I checked out the gwt-maven-plugin repository but wasn't quite sure if there is already support for gwt2.5.

Has anybody managed to get the SuperDevMode working with maven?

Regards, arne


Thanks to Thomas I got it working!! Here is a extract of my pom.





Now I just have to run the goal: exec:java to start the codeserver.


Version 2.5.0-rc1 of the gwt-maven-plugin will support it through the run-codeserver goal. That version is currently staged. Please test it and vote.

In the meantime you can use it with the exec-maven-plugin.

This src repo: looks like it supports GWT 2.5, with the last commit message being:

added mojo for running the code server

(disclaimer: I've not tried it myself, yet)

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