Maven project in IntelliJ just went all bad on me

I have a multi maven project in IntelliJ (11) that was working fine.

I think I select some popup option and didnt' even notice, and now all the modules are now registering correctly when I see the project structure.

I don't see any maven modules, and when I try and import an existing maven module it works but then shows that all my dependencies in the pom are not valid like:

Module 'mymodule': invalid item "Maven org.springframework-spring....." in the dependency list.

SO when I click 'OK', it asks me to remove the module from the project since it was removed from maven.

How can I fix this?

In the project window all the module parent folders are not in bold anymore either.

Very confused as to what happend.


I assume your project and all the modules build fine from the command line even when removing all the artifacts that are build by the project are removed from your love local repository and in offline mode (-o).

Try opening the parent pom as the project and when asked have Intellij delete all previous project files.

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