There a repository for Eclipse project jars?

There's a project within the Eclipse Foundation, DevTools, which holds a sub-project, SqlTools, which contains a few libraries related to parsing SQL. I'd like to be able to link those libraries to my own project. I just can't for the life of me figure out the right terms to Google to find some repository for those jars.

I've found the source code alright and cloned the git repository but that's source code. I'd like to avoid hosting not only my own project's jars but any dependency it might have. Anyone know where to get these? Already reached out to the mailing list but am impatient. I've finally got free time to hack on the weekend for my own interests...


The jars are published in a p2 repository.

A content.jar file describes the repo, and the actual jars are in

There is a nexus instance at that contains some sqltools jars, but publishing jars to is still under construction.

I use this one -

Better look. Clean, slick and more user friendly :)

I use to search for libraries.

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