How can a shell script tell if it is running in an xterm window with 256-color support?

I'm writing a shell script that I would like to use 256-color support when present. In a just world, xterm would simply set the TERM environment variable to xterm-256color and I'd use tput colors to discover the support.

But we live in an unjust world. xterm sets TERM to xterm even when launched with TERM=xterm-256color. Is there anything I can do from within a shell script to discover whether the script is running with stdout connected to a tty running in a 256-color xterm window? If so, I can set the environment variable myself.


You can check for xterm version - $XTERM_VERSION. Though I am not sure from which version xterm started to support 256 colors. Other terminals (for example gnome-terminal), behave similarly to xterm but also set COLORTERM variable to correct terminal name (gnome-256color).

Since most xterm-s are colorized these days, I would assume that the terminal has 256 colors, and make the script accept an option (perhaps -monochrome or -no-colors) otherwise.

BTW, I also see a reason for some power-user to force the -monochrome behavior: on very slow connections (think of intercontinental ssh) it might be useful to disable colors to lower the bandwidth.

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