Error building libcurl 7.21.2 on Ubuntu 11.10 when installing Hiphop

I'm following this guide to install Hiphop on Ubuntu 11.10:

When I try command cmake . then i get errors:

-- CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH was missing, proceeding anyway
-- MySQL Include dir: /usr/include  library dir: /usr/lib
-- MySQL client libraries: mysqlclient_r
-- Found libevent: /home/dakiquang/dev/lib/
-- Found GD: /usr/lib/
-- Looking for curl_multi_select
-- Looking for curl_multi_select - not found
CMake Error at CMake/HPHPFindLibs.cmake:90 (message):
  Custom libcurl is required with the HipHop patch
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  CMake/HPHPSetup.cmake:46 (include)
  src/CMakeLists.txt:18 (include)

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

I following this page trying to install HipHop for Ubuntu 11.10: , but result is the same error.

I've found the same quesion in Problems building libcurl 7.21.2 on Ubuntu 11.10 (Hiphop) , and I change libcurl 7.21.2 to libcurl 7.21.5 but result is the same error.

How to fix this error ?


This is because the Hiphop authors have decided they need to patch libcurl to bring in the curl_multi_select function.

The upstream libcurl project (which I lead) has rejected the patch as provided to them, so the only way you can get a libcurl with that function available is to build your own libcurl from source with that patch applied.

There have been efforts to make hiphop not require that extra patch but I don't know where they ended.

I think it is unfortunate that the Hiphop people have taken this route, but they are of course perfectly allowed to do so.

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