Use a Web Service in C# Windows App

I am new to using web services. I am assigned a task in which I need to use a web service in my Windows app. This is the web service I would be using:

Now, I've learned how to add a web reference to this service, but I could not find a basic tutorial that could help me learn how to make an object of this web service and use the service as I want to.

Basicaly, what I need is to create an object from the above web service in my form, and to call it's methods. A C# code snippet would be great.

Can anyone give me some directions? I am working in Visual Studio 2008 and a C# Windows App.


  1. Right click on References
  2. select Add Service Reference
  3. give the wsdl address in the address textbox
  4. click Discover
  5. Give a name for the namespace eg;- BFG
  6. You can access the resources like BFG.MethodName() from you code

Please look at the following link for a sample application of consuming C# WEb Service in Win App,

for consuming a web service here is the steps for that.see it.,from there you will get your solution.

click here

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