Asserting exceptions in Java, how?


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As other posters suggested, if you are using JUnit4, then you can use the annotation:


However, if you are using an older version of JUnit, or if you want to do multiple "Exception" assertions in the same test method, then the standard idiom is:

try {
   fail("Expected NumberFormatException");
catch(NumberFormatException e) {
  // no-op (pass)

Assuming you are using JUnit 4, call the method in your test in a way that causes it to throw the exception, and use the JUnit annotation

@Test(expected = NumberFormatException.class)

If the exception is thrown, the test will pass.

If you can use JUnit 4.7, you can use the ExpectedException Rule

public class FooTest {
  public ExpectedException exception = ExpectedException.none();

  public void doStuffThrowsIndexOutOfBoundsException() {
    Foo foo = new Foo();


This is much better than @Test(expected=IndexOutOfBoundsException.class) because the test will fail if IndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown before foo.doStuff()

See this article and the ExpectedException JavaDoc for details

You can do this:

    public void testIndexOutOfBoundsException() {
        ArrayList emptyList = new ArrayList();
        Object o = emptyList.get(0);

Use @Test(expected=IOException.class)

This is fine if you have one expected exception. An alternative strategy is to add an at the end of the test method. If an exception isn't thrown then the test will fail accordingly. e.g.

public void testIOExceptionThrown() {      
   ftp.write(); // will throw IOException      

Add this annotation before your test method; it'll do the trick.

@Test(expected = java.lang.NumberFormatException.class)
public void testFooMethod() {
    // Add code that will throw a NumberFormatException

A solution that is not bound to a particular JUnit version is provided by catch-exception which has been made to overcome some disadvantages that are inherent in the JUnit mechanisms.

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