an unhandled win32 exception occurred in httpd.exe in php

I have a hard time to install imagemagick for PHP.

I used ImageMagick-6.7.7-8-Q16-windows-dll.exe and added php_imagick.dll into my php ext folder and phpinfo is showing php_imagick extention.

I am on Windows XP using Wamp Server 2.1, PHP 5.3.5, Apache 2.2.17, Mysql 5.5.8

When I run the following code it is resulting in an unhandled win32 exception occurred in httpd.exe:

    $image = 'exists.jpg';

    /*** a new imagick object ***/
    $im = new Imagick($image);

    echo 'Imagick';
catch(Exception $e) 
    echo $e->getMessage();

Help me in achieving this problem.


Seems corrupt installation, what's your OS version and have you met any error when installing?

Please upload your logs by referring to this blog

And use this tool to collect log

After running this tool please upload this log to skydrive and share me the link for troubleshoot.

Additionally, have you tried uninstall Visual Studio with this tool:

With Complete command


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