Why those calls to base64 classes return different results?

My code:

private static String convertToBase64(String string)
    final byte[] encodeBase64 =

    final byte[] data = string.getBytes();
    final String encoded =

    return encoded;

Now I'm calling it: convertToBase64("stackoverflow"); and get following result:


Why I get different results?


I think Hex.encodeHexString will encode your String to hexcode, and the second one is a normal String

From the API doc of Base64.encodeBase64():

byte[] containing Base64 characters in their UTF-8 representation.

So instead


you should write

System.out.println(new String(encodeBase64, "UTF-8"));

BTW: You should never use the String.getBytes() version without explicit encoding, because the result depends on the default platform encoding (for Windows this is usually "Cp1252" and Linux "UTF-8").

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