Unique foreign key association in intermediate table

I'm a bit new with Mysql and have a problem with unique constraints :p

Here are the tables :

The relation is going to be a intermediate table and the fields are going to be :

ID (primary) userAsker (foreign key) userAsked (foreign key) ((( accept (int) don't care)))

What I would like is that we can't have 2 times an entity whith the same 2 foreign keys like that :

ID : 1 userAsker :1 userAsked : 2

ID : 2 userAsker :1 userAsked : 2

Otherwise the user could be able to do loads of demands ... I know how to do an Index unique in phpmyadmin but I don't know how to group two fields in a unique index ... Could someone help me :S ?


just execute this SQL statement in your phpmyadmin.

alter table [your_intermedia_table_name] add unique key(userAsker, userAsked)

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