XCode & Facebook IOS SDK - Instructions incorrect

I am following this guide.


For setting up the Facebook IOS SDK for my XCode project..

I got to the part that says to run

% ~/facebook-ios-sdk/scripts/build_facebook_ios_sdk_static_lib.sh

in the terminal..

I tried that and it didn't work, so i went to find that script file manually and it isn't in the folder specified.. My questions is am i missing something? or does anyone know if the file was renamed?



You're right, this script is not included in the newest version on github.

However you can download the SDK and use it as described in the "Getting Started" section - Start a new Xcode Project. So far I had no issues with the SDK 3.0 and ARC in my project.

That script is there in my instance. Is it possible that the facebook-ios-sdk directory isn't in the top level of your home directory as in /Users/yourusername/facebook-ios-sdk? It needs to be there for you to follow the instructions verbatim.

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