Are there any examples that show how to apply an InputFilter to a Fieldset?

I am creating a module for file uploading which will essentially provide a FieldSet and a view helper to display a widget.

I require a the Fieldset to have a separate InputFilter but I'm struggling to find any functionality in the framework to relate an InputFilter to a Fieldset.


You have to implement the InputFilterProviderInterface. See my example below

use Zend\InputFilter\InputFilterProviderInterface;

class FooFieldset extends Fieldset implements InputFilterProviderInterface
   public function __construct() { // add elements }

   public function getInputFilterSpecification()
       return array(
          'elementName' => array(
              'filters' => array(),
              'validators' => array(),
              'properties' => array(),
              'required' => true

It is absolutely required though that you tell the form to actually validate your fieldset. Personally i do it like this:

class BarForm extends Form
    public function __construct()
         // other stuff, add elements and fieldset

             'someFieldset' => array(

If this is too abstract let me know and I'll edit this using a real-world example. Should be enough to get you going though i guess ;)

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