Getting Facebook's New Payer Promotions to Work

Has anyone been able to get the New Payer Promotions described in Facebook's recent developer blog post to work? According to the documentation you should be able to query a new field, is_eligible_promo via the Graph API.

Formatting a call like this only results in the "id" field being returned for me though.

Am I missing something? Do I have to sign up for or enable this somewhere? Or does it just not work correctly?


After testing with a friend's account it appears that the documentation is incorrect.

If the user is eligible it will do what it describes and return the is_eligible_promo field with a "1" as the value.

If the user is not eligible the is_eligible_promo field will not be returned at all.

The documentation says "This query returns the following data in its response: The value 1 indicating the user is eligible or 0 indicating the user is not eligible." Apparently this is not correct.

My account was not eligible therefore it did not return a value for this field.

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