Server listening to localhost:8080 can Apache still listen to port 80?

I have a C++ server in linux using Mongoose listening on port 8080 for http requests. I'm using port 8080 because I have an Apache server already using port 80.

The reason I have my C++ server listening for http requests is so that I can receive the http GET sent by Facebook to get a user's Facebook info. For the Facebook server side Auth I'm redirecting to localhost:8080.

I am correctly getting the information sent from Facebook, but now Apache isn't serving up my html to the clients webpage (which works correctly if I only redirect to localhost).

Is it possible to make both of these work? Is the client still trying to get the index.html from port 80 or does it expect 8080 to now send this?


Is 80 equal 8080? Apparently no. So the both ports might be listened by different applications. Try to inspect income requests with Wireshark (packet analyzer).

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