Facebook user id iPhone

I wants get Facebook access_token and user id when user login first time in application. I already get the access token but struggling with Facebook user id.

Please provide me help. how i get the user_id?

i getting the access_token in following method :

- (void)request:(FBRequest *)request didLoad:(id)result {

_isExtendingAccessToken = NO;
_requestExtendingAccessToken = nil;
NSString* accessToken = [result objectForKey:@"access_token"];
NSString* expTime = [result objectForKey:@"expires_at"];

if (accessToken == nil || expTime == nil) {

self.accessToken = accessToken;

NSLog(@"access token is ---------->%@",self.accessToken);



try see at this link and use this code

for (NSDictionary* Info in result)
    NSString* uid = [Info objectForKey:@"uid"];

Hope will be a useful

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