How to get application's root directory?

How do I get application's root directory within an action?


The first thing ZF2 does is to change the current dir via chdir(dirname(__DIR__));

This means that every future include is based off of the ROOT PATH of your application and NOT the public folder. Or any other current folder.

Of course this only holds true for PHP-Files.

If you want to define the root path manually, you'd go to /public/index.php and add a line like define('ROOT_PATH', dirname(__DIR__));

As i said before, for INCLUDES this is NOT required though ;) as you're ALWAYS in the root folder when it comes to PHP-Files ;)

getcwd() works best for me, DIR return the module root. Which isn't much use in this case

@Sam: I don't really understand your question. Basically the current path equals the ZF2-Apps Root. [...] You can always go up-levels, too via ../

Not exactly. When You create module shared within several applications ex. FileUpload Module in vendor, outside application. You would like to upload file to Application subdirectory not shared module :) In this case __DIR__ equals module path not app path and ../ wouldn,t be good solution ;)

I like ROOT_PATH as You have mentioned:

define('ROOT_PATH', dirname(__DIR__));

or even better:


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