Is it possible to create a private application available only for specific users ?

Basically, we want to create an application for facebook.. where users that have an account on our system are able to install our facebook application. We do not want this application to all facebook users. Is this possible ?


Right now in for installing Facebook application. you cant restrict users from installing your app in Page Tab. But you can restrict your content, to which user/pageid you want show.

1) Restrict on User basis.

You put an put if() condition to check whether the user is in your database. if yes then only show the content else you show a message that you don't have permission

2) Restrict on Page .

If you want to restrict your app to accessible only in some of Facebook pages , then you can use signed request to get page id and check this page id is registered with your system or not. Then show your app content on this condition.


  1. Go to Settings of application.
  2. Choose 'Basic' tab.
  3. For 'Sandbox Mode:' choose 'enable'.

Now your application is close for all users. To take access to your application for some users make next steps:

  1. In settings of application choose tab 'Roles'.
  2. Add UID of user in one of category: Administrators, Developers, Testers.

Now this user have access to your application.

For example you can connect to database where are stored user accounts and make authentication process.

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