Why is posting an image to Facebook with Sharekit so slow?

I've a universal iOS app that uses ShareKit to share an image and a line of text:

SHKItem *item = [SHKItem image:imageToShare title: shareTitle];
if (destination == K_FACEBOOK) {
  [SHKFacebook shareItem: item];

The image is a UIImage of not more than 512 x 512, and the line of text is < 200 characters, so the total payload is ~50k. When I share to email or twitter it's near instantaneous, but when I share to Facebook, it can end up taking somewhere between 20-30 seconds.

In my configuration for the Facebook sharer I've disabled using the Facebook app and Safari, so everything is presented by ShareKit itself.

Is there something that different in the process for uploading to Facebook that could cause this delay?


I'm not familiar with Sharekit, but one reason it might take longer for Facebook to upload a picture is Facebook themselves. They might be restricting the amount of data that can get sent to it's servers, similar to what Apple does. Try testing the app with a very small image and see if it speeds it up. Then you know that it is not on your end.

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