How to use Facebook registration plugin

Hi, I want to implement sign in with Facebook in my Rails web application. I red about it from

My problem is I am not getting how to get the users data from signed request into my database. Please help me.

Thanks in advance!


this is the iframe code change the client_id and redirect_url with yours client id and redirect_url

<iframe src="

it will automatically call the redirect_url provided here after clicking the register . in that method facebook will return you one variable "signed_request" that contains all the data for users. in the method you can decode the signed request . this is my code to decode the signed request

def decode_facebook_hash(signed_request)
  signature, str = signed_request.split('.')
  str += '=' * (4 - str.length.modulo(4))
  ActiveSupport::JSON.decode(Base64.decode64(str.gsub("-", "+").gsub("_", "/")))

You can use the OmniAuth gem.

A railscast tutorial is available here:

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