Facebook: get the email of a page (not user) via API

Is there a way to get the email for a page, via any of Facebook's APIs?

I know Facebook user emails are very carefully privacy-protected, but pages seem to be different. For instance: if I visit this FB page, even if I'm not logged in to Facebook, the email is still revealed: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Comcept-Communicatie-Marketing/222648667821245?sk=info

It seems that something so public via their interface ought to be exposed in an API somewhere, but I can't find it. Anyone tell me what I'm missing?


There is no email for a page in the FQL nor in the page graph api object. So via the API is it not shown. Remember the API is a stripped down version of what you can see via the normal Facebook GUI.

You're best bet is to have the page admin auth your app asking for email permissions.

Right now you can't get that information even if you ask for manage_pages and email permissions.

I have raised a bug with Facebook and hopefully they'll add it as a feature if enough people vote: https://developers.facebook.com/bugs/294577810649098

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