Are there any Facebook integration frameworks that support Android and iOS on .NET?

I am using Unity (C#) to create an iOS and Android app that shall be integrated with Facebook. Have done some research if this is possible but have not find anything good.

I have looked into but this requires the user to paste a string from her browser into the app to authenticate, and seems only to work for desktop apps.

Can any one give me tips on frameworks or plugins to Unity that support iOS and Android and have easy login for the user?

The facebook functionality to be supported:

  • Easy login
  • Get user's friend list
  • Post to wall
  • Support iOS/Android

Edit: Just found Prime31's Social Network Plugin Is this perhaps the best option or are there any free options that does fulfill my needs?


You can check I worked on a android application which is connected with facebook. I found every documentation i need at there.

Prime31's Social Network Plugin was the choice for us, and it works fine for both iOS and Android after some small modifications.

I've re-visited this and now the user isn't required to copy and paste any access tokens, it's fully automatic. Check it out:

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