reflect the changes without having to redeploy the app

Even if I need to modify a single line in one of the web-page , I have to redeploy the whole project from to GAE from netbeans. This as seems is not good. Several application context variables that I use in the website (I store some light data in the application context variables through my cpanel) are lost. Is there any way I can make changes on some web pages without having to redeploy the whole project ? I am using google appengine as my application server.


I would recomend you look at JRebel. I have not personally used it though have looked into using it. It does exactly what you are talking about.

you can use JRebel for that. An example (with Eclipse, though) here

Need Your Help

HttpWebRequest Timeout in WP7

c# windows-phone-7

I am trying to implement a HttpWebRequest timeout for my WP7 app, as the user could make a request, and the request will never come back, leaving a ProgressBar I have on the screen.