Can't add datepicker option?

I have a form wich dynamically creates a new row with a couple of form inputs. One of the inputs has a datepicker attached to it. I just managed with the help from here, to make this work. Except there is one problem left, as soon when i want to add options to the datepicker, it stops working...

Working fiddle:

And a not working fiddle:

Its about this line:


When i add the options to it.. It seems to stop functioning.

$(".datepick").datepicker("option", "dateFormat", "dd-mm-yy");

Does someone knows the solution to this?


Change both of your datepicker instances to:

$(".datepick").datepicker({ dateFormat: "dd-mm-yy" });

The code you were using works for changing options after you have instantiated a datepicker. The above code sets options when you instantiate it.

jsFiddle example

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