How do you change the background colour for Solution Explorer in Visual Studio 2012?


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I've found that easiest solution is to use this Microsoft-developed Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor and just select the Blue theme to effectively get the VS 2010 colours back:

Saves digging around for hours in long lists of UI elements. You just select another preset theme and you're done :)

EDIT : Here are steps using the VS2012 Color Theme Editor:

  1. Tools --> Customize Colors
  2. New Theme --> create a new theme from one of the ready made themes, hit Create
  3. Hover over your new Custom Theme, hit Edit Theme
  4. Magical Step: Directly under the theme tab, click the 5th button "Show All Elements", here you can find what you're looking for
  5. TreeView --> Background, this changes the color of the Solution Explorer
  6. Environment --> ToolWindowBackground, color for background of Team Explorer (my pet peeve, since the contrast on this UI usually needs tweaking between controls and window)


Visual Studio 2012 Update 3 now includes the old "Blue" theme by default, so if you update to this version you can easily select the old blue theme without jumping throught he hoops above, if that's all you wanted to achieve.

Program Manager Cathy Sullivan is wrong

Use this Utility

Use Category TreeView

Unfortunately at this time you cannot change the background color of Solution Explorer beyond what the Light and Dark themes offer.

Thanks, Cathy Sullivan

Program Manager, Visual Studio

UPDATE: There is now a theme editor which should give you the exact control you are looking for (which I've noticed is what @Nick G has suggested, so +1 to him, will leave this to acknowledge that.

(further details in hanselman blog)


Preface: I know you specifically said white but after a little adjustment I find the dark really quite good, especially if you have a dark theme. I've switched my previous dark theme (wekeroad) for the rather brashly named but subtle looking Super awesome fun time one.

Tools | Options | General | then change Color theme to Dark.

You can see solution explorer in background above. I would imagine these options might expand or extend in the future.

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