wp-config.php external access

i need a function to get wp-config database, user, and pass from another server.

I find this, but only work in the same cpanel account. Is there any way to fetch this values?

    $f = "/home/".$ac["user"]."/www/wp/wp-config.php";
        if(file_exists($f)) {
            $c = file_get_contents($f);

            preg_match('/define.*DB_NAME.*\'(.*)\'/', $c, $m);
            $dbname = $m[1];

            preg_match('/define.*DB_USER.*\'(.*)\'/', $c, $m);
            $dbuser = $m[1];

            preg_match('/define.*DB_PASSWORD.*\'(.*)\'/', $c, $m);
            $dbpass = $m[1];

            preg_match('/define.*DB_HOST.*\'(.*)\'/', $c, $m);
            $dbhost = $m[1];


wp-config is written in PHP. PHP is a server side language, meaning you can't get the information out of the script itself, only what it outputs. Not only that, but it would be a major security flaw if you were able to do that to just anyone's Wordpress installation. If your needing that information, the only way would be to get access to the file itself such as via FTP.

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