Can't register my Google Apps Script Web app in Chrome Web store

I've developed a Google Apps Script Web app called VALET and would like to publish it in the Chrome Web Store. However, when I use the 'Publish'->'Register in Chrome Web Store' menu item in the GAS Script Editor I get the following message:

Your project was not registered. Before you can register an item in the Chrome Web Store, you must accept the Terms of Service.

Note: I've paid the 5$ developer signup fee already but haven't published any item on the store yet.

So, I'm wondering, where can I accept the ToS or is this maybe a bug in the Script Editor?


I've raised this in the issue tracker as It looks like you have accepted the ToS and paid the registration fee, so I've raised this with the engineering team for them to look into why you're still getting an error. If you 'star' the issue, you'll get updates as they're added to the issue.

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